Meet the band

Jenna (Vocals) - Jenna's third grade elementary school talent show sparked her interest in music... She has been singing ever since. She has sung at various local community events, celebrations, festivals, sporting events, and Special Olympics functions. In addition to singing, Jenna is involved in cheerleading and tumbling. She is a member of the cheer team and A Capella group at her high school.

Kayla (Guitar) - Kayla started playing guitar five years ago. Since then, she has become accomplished in playing acoustic, electric, and bass guitar, as well as in writing music. Kayla plays flute in her high school marching band and bass guitar in Winter Percussion.  She is a crowd pleaser and loves to get the audience on their feet.

Tommy (Piano, Guitar, Ukulele, Back-up Vocals) - Tommy plays a total of 10 instruments and is currently learning more! He has been playing piano for four years and even taught himself how to play guitar! He is also a proud member of his high school marching band, where he plays the tuba. Tommy loves to dance and have fun along with the audience as he performs.

Josh (Bass) - Josh is the newest member of The Final Phase, but he has always had a love for music.

He is in his high school singing group and listens to music, sings, and plays bass whenever he gets the chance. Josh gets his inspiration as a bassist from his dad, who also plays. He is very excited to be a part of the band.

Kyle (Drums) - Kyle has been playing drums for 11 

years and still loves it today. He enjoys hunting, fishing,

and (of course) sleeping! Kyle is a really down to earth country boy with an incredible sense of rhythm.